Tuesday, August 14, 2007

It really is rather astounding, the amount of idiots that actually roam the street. The self obsessed, seemingly illiterate ones, that without really trying, just disgust. Anyhow, due to my rather "constricted" opinion, I might just end up in solitary confinement, but that still is better than being sucked in with a bunch of nincompoops.
Don't take heart, I do not speak of those I choose to know, but my perceptions of what I observe. I cannot mention how I came to this fact, but let's just say if I did, I'd have a whole clan of __________ running after me.

There's about a week of holidays left, and I am getting rather bored. Most people have already left to the States, are on holiday, but the Godfather, in Ranjit's words, is home everyday, so that makes it a little tough. Regardless, I am kind of looking forward to going back to school. That would mean my last semester, which means i would be 4 months away from going to uni and actually feeling settled that I am headed to the U.S. Much as most might think I am being rather selfish, it just is something I've been wanting to do, and I can't say why without sounding like a total prat.
Now, it feels different after Mei Xin and Bee Lian left, it's somehow more of a reality but also more of a far-off chance. Especially Mei Xin, for going to Cali., all of a sudden it seems rather appealing. So the choice is either Cali. or Florida for my second-last application, and I have to think if i want to apply to Syracuse or not.

Bleargh. See what staying home does to you.

Monday, August 13, 2007

jon said four more months stuck here, shit, and i was thinking god, what's wrong with that.

well now i know. bee lian and mei xin have left,and it's suddenly hit me, and i'm rather....sad.
i'm also really frustrated cause i'm still stuck here. i finally get what jon meant. i read mei xin's text when she landed, and i saw the picture she posted, "welcome to san francisco" and that was it. bee messaged, and i was thinking, "another one bites the dust", for some weird reason.

we're still stuck back here. not meaning to be ungrateful, or sounding that, but still.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Ooh, I forgot.
There will no longer be nuclear wars. There will be cyber wars, where nations will declare war online, and create viruses so powerful, that they will be able to shut down computer, supercomputers, any sort of cyber/virtual/whatever system other nations have. Datas and information will be erased, and I am very sure the mobile phones, PDAs, whatever your mind can think of too, will be affected. Countries will no longer have an accesible system, and structure of these said countries will be gone.

The world will be in disarray. People will return to the Dark Ages, cause there will no longer be "Enlightenment". Kids will die, cause of lack of video games, rather than gangrene.

Welcome to the 21st century.
And without a doubt... hit them(take your pick) Asians/Africans/Arabs first!

Bloody hell. This even, is utter bollocks, and I know it.

Oh well.

People can be such oddities.

Me: So did you end up going to _______________?

Random person: No, i didn't, did you? I heard __________ was good, was it?

Me: _________

Well. If i were to ask you if i saw ____ or went to ______ that means i did not, for if I did, I wouldn't be asking now, will I?

Which brings me to my next point: I tire of seeing lack of substance in 98% percent of my everyday excursions/observations/conversations/________(fill in the blanks)

Perhaps I'm just weird. I don't find what most people find amusing a tad bit laughable. I don't get what the vested interest in ordinary everyday life fascinating. And I found Prozac Nation to be extremely fascinating, but mostly pathetic. Much as it CAN make one depressed, I was more or less wishing for the opportunity to stab her, if not to make her less quote "annoying" unquote. Wanting. To. Be. Depressed. Is. Not. Cool.

I might just see a pattern developing. I will never pose sexy. I will never wear coloured lenses. I might just never have another boyfriend. I might just end up becoming a very serious dyke that just happens to be a feminist/greenpeace/amnesty activities.

Not even a dyke that would have done really well, for I am just lazy. And i still get terribly amused when someone goes "Oh, how did you do for _____?" "I did alright, i got a B/C" "Oh, really? I wanted an A+ but i only got an A, i was so disappointed, but don't worry a B is good!" No. I am not stupid, hmphh.

Ooh. And when you tell guys you love planes they go : Ooh, why don't you be a stewardess? WELL, stick it up where the sun don't shine, I'll be flying that thing, and I'll fucking own.

Bah humbug.

Kidding about being a dyke.

I am all angst.

Anyway. Some beauties to look at.

The A380. Coming next year. Bloody gorgeous. Will be the biggest commercial aircraft after the 747-400.

Reminds me of the time the Veyron, Koenigsegg, and Zonda kicked the McLaren F1 of the no. 1 spot in speed. Not simultaneously but in order, lazy to type. Anyway. Boo-yah.

787, rival to A380. Damn sleek. Very pretty.
The term is no longer house on wheels. That is, if it ever was. It is now..............House in Air!!
Genius, I am. Lol.

Monday, August 6, 2007

i think i've finally gained perspective on what is wrong with people nowadays.

we are basically trying to find more "creative" ways to break the rules which we never really bothered learning in the first place? the metaphor "learn the rules before you break them" is basically the fundamental behind this so-called theory. anyway. we want to find more ways to rebel and be miserable so we can complain and blame the system. the system that has basically provided MOST of us with the ability to complain. i simply believe that when life is alright, and you have what you need, that's when people want to rebel more. i mean middle-aged American women whined about just staying at home, with a good life and only betty crocker style television programs to watch, and started the human right's movement. following this period, everything else happened because people were whining about something or the other. and then there's the whole drugs, and slitting wrists and whatnot, to prove that the system is messed up. how many times has simple plan come up with crappy lyrics as to why life sucks and they aren't perfect and i'm sorry i'm not what you can be? to me, that's utter bollocks. here's a bunch of people that are earning mega bucks making other kids who are blaming the system become even more miserable. they sure as hell think life sucks what with all the money rolling in and the bentleys.
because it's "COOL". it's cool to be stupid, to be depressed, to be slutty, to be morose, to wear black to make a statement, to blame it all on the system because we are too stupid to learn it otherwise.
cause... we basically have good lives. in a way. so those people who really have nothing go wayward but that's irrelevant at this point.
i am speaking of the en masse, the 16 year olds and the 17 years olds and 18s and 19s and 14s or whatever who go around prancing in as little as possible, claiming to be miserable and hating people and wishing people to fall off the face of the earth, and saying it's the system that made us this way. oh, and finding 23674368234976234986734263426324 million reasons as to why and who sucks and what makes them suck and how many degrees one's nose is off center. FOR EXAMPLE.

i think.. i'm just bored. but a little..amused.. at the idiosyncrasies of people.
before i have 67 to 1523523 odd people running after me with a steak knife... i shall now add that i am not speaking of any particular person or persons, nor am i describing anybody. just merely an opinion, so if i come across as offensive, my apologies, i'm just an old fuddy duddy with time to kill.
and anyhow... i.have.been.guilty.too.
haven't we all?
time to wake up and smell the coffee.

so much time I have, that I have yet to start on the 20lb. homework assignment for SAT. and florida state uni. cancelled intake for Spring 08.
I have all reasons to be bitter.

Sunday, August 5, 2007

somehow i find that i am running out of comments, and i am running out of the energy to fight and to get upset. i am rather pleased that i have come to find that i have succeeded in knowing what is important, and what is not, probably because of the rather great bunch of people i have around me. and.. to avoid being labeled as an e.m.o. fuck, i shall direct my words elsewhere. tee hee.

i haven't updated for a long long long time. that has sort of become the introductory lines of posts. funny that. anyway, of course lots has happened, and i wish for lots more to have happened but the best part is school's out, and summer 2007 is over. it was hell this semester, there was loads of work to do, and it was quite the stressful. it is disappointing that i can't go out as much as i like due to the parental units and i haven't met the people i've been meaning to, but being at home. with a book. and a laptop. and stupid-princess-max-lefifi-flowers-gill is fun in it's own way. i am absolutely on my way to becoming a "fat, boring, old and lonely" lady. which is a step ahead from the "lame-emo-retarded-fuck" according to mr. smarty-pants. i am terribly amused at absolutely nothing, i feel decent.

bee lian and mei xin are leaving next week. and sharen's not back yet. that has added to the likst of the 5 odd people that i actually do miss. but the thing about bee, mx and I, we were the original , the ones who started going to asia, and hanging out. i'll miss them, who have stuck with me since the beginning, messaging me when i can barely walk due to stupid reasons, being a "pillar" (bee, we're even on that one, lol) and just generally, my original girls. yes. i am possesive. boo you. and you. regardless, i will my partner in crime, mei xin. the girl that started "indulging" with me, and the one that enjoyed rock as much as i did, and the one that makes you laugh, and jumps around and etc. and i'll miss the girl that kept me good, bee lian. for she is the quintessential good girl, the one that basically is the first to hug you when your grandmother dies, and tells you about strength. and not to mention our retarded moments.

and damn, i sound emo. i suppose staying home for long periods of time sort of makes you... dorky. but i do know.. what i'll miss the most is:

now, for it to be all peaches and cream... scorpions-winds of change. (i would post lyrics, if i were not to promise myself never to do so)

Monday, June 25, 2007

i feel somewhat disregarded. of course, everything being of personal actions, it is natural, but still. i suppose, as this is a cycle that is repeating itself again, and i can somehow see how it might just conclude, it isn't as bad as it was the first time.

it does get tiring though. hella exhausting. and it's funny, the amount of contortions everyday life is facing nowadays. certainty is uncertainty and injustice is clarity. and i am aware i talk and talk and talk, and i'm one of many few that talks a lot, but it's only because it's only to feel up a void, be it within myself, or in the air around. there's plenty of work to be done, i don't have what it takes to tackle it, and the only thing i can do now is either type bits of encrypted words which basically, no one, and barely myself, will be able to comprehend.

on to other matters, i voted for student council today, and i don't really know who else i voted for, just random names, except for diana and adnan, two people i like very much. basically, who gets what is of no concern to me, cause i won't be around adp much longer but i am supporting diana and adnan. it's pre-registration week, and it feels rather odd that bee and mx will not be signing up for anything. having nothing to choose, i will choose the first few subjects i spot, and worry about it when next semester starts. this semester has too many worries of its own already. for example: hard subjects, worse grades, horrible accounts, etc. etc. oh, and did i already mention the workload?

anyway. friday night was pretty decent, it was nice to see bo and jazvin, and the two brothers after so long. even the random people i haven't seen in a long time, it was quite pleasant. besides that, my princess(not max, sharen) is returning this thursday. =)

Satanic Verses, now. i'm all bad. tee hee hee.